Carlos Castaneda – 1968 radio interview

carlos castaneda interviewCastaneda was a self-styled shaman and “Nagual”, who claimed to have been the inheritor of a specific sorceric lineage spanning 27 generations, of which he was assertedly the last, and final, leader. Carlos Castaneda’s legacy exists primarily in the twelve books that he authored (beginning with the Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, which was first published in 1968); books authored by his companions, Taisha Abelar and Florinda Donner-Grau (see below), which also purported to describe their apprenticeship with don Juan’s band of sorcerers; and a series of public workshops, beginning in 1993, that were devoted primarily to the teaching of “Tensegrity,” a collection of movements Castaneda claimed had been passed down through his lineage of sorcerers and which allegedly originated with the “sorcerers of ancient Mexico.”

This rare radio interview takes place at a pivotal time in CC’s career – the publication and publicity for his first book. I’ve cut the interview down from 45 minutes to 10, though – excising mainly small talk, and repetition from the book.

I have a firm view on what’s true and otherwise in CC’s work. And my years of legal training – studying evidence and observing witnesses – verify the quirks in Carlos’ demeanour here. But that just settles my mind on the matter.