Drugs Inc – Ecstasy documentary

drugs inc ecstasyEcstasy intensifies sensory sensations (taste, touch, etc.), alters old understandings of what people observe, and allows persons to feel distant from themselves. Some users experience self-insights and closer emotional attachment to other persons.

A fireside chat takes place for a group in Oakland while tripping on ecstasy.

  • A gay clubber in San Francisco.
  • A San Diego dealer.
  • A Cambodian conservationist battles denudation of sassafras oil-producing trees.
  • A cook/trafficker in Amsterdam.
  • Border officers in Vancouver, Canada search shipping containers and air parcels.
  • A dealer in Southern California used to make $20,000 weekly.
  • A psychotherapy patient heads to a secret west coast location to use E therapeutically.
  • A Miami paramedic deals with someone having a bad trip at a music festival.

All rights to the original owners National Geographic, this is a documentary showing the effects of ecstasy


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