People under the influence of PCP

PCP can make people feel aloof from the world around them, cause numbness, interfere with movement, and distort perception of time. Hallucinations, floating sensations, euphoria, and mania can occur. People may forget what they did while under the drug’s influence; such amnesia can last for 24 hours after a dose. Although euphoric effects are well documented, one group of researchers noted bouts of depression brought on by chronic use of the substance, though not by intermittent use. Yet the same researchers also found people successfully using the drug as an antidepressant, and animal studies suggest This drug may have antianxiety properties.

Law enforcement authorities say PCP can make people hostile and give them extra physical strength, and the same has been experienced by medical personnel dealing with overdose emergencies.  Military research, however, found that the drug hostility did not occur unless persons were under stress, and not all stressed individuals reacted that way.

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